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SD Card RAW Recovery – Recover Photos Music Videos from RAW SD Card

Everybody may have a headache when facing SD card RAW error, so do I. However, I find the correct solution to fix the RAW SD card without losing data finally. I would like to share my experience. But I would like to introduce the following data recovery software first, because the only method to recover data from a RAW drive is to rely on professional recovery software.

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
4Card Recovery - recover the most files from card/usb

recover photos video files off memory card, usb flash when raw
 How to use: memory card recovery tutorials

iCare Data Recovery Standard
powerful hard disk rescue utility
How to use:
best disk recovery software for step by step guide.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery
Another chance for you to recover data from raw disk

How to use: Windows data recovery steps.

My Terrible Experience on SD Card RAW Problem

SD card RAW is a common problem for almost every SD card user, but it is still difficult and unknown to most users to fix SD card RAW problem. As a digital device user, I often use SD card every day, so I know some solutions for SD card RAW problem more or less.

The other day I just wanted to edit the photos on my SD card, but when I switched on my Sony RX100 II camera, it says SD card cannot be read. As to my experience, I immediately realized that there is something wrong with my SD card. I quickly take out the SD card from my digital camera and plug it to my laptop.

The first thing I did is to check if the SD card can be recognized by my laptop. Thank Goodness! It still can be recognized on "My Computer". Under some circumstance, the SD card might be unrecognized on "My Computer". If so, you should go to "Disk Management" to see if the card is detectable there.

Then, I open my SD card on "My Computer" and I found nothing on the card. I right clicked on the SD card and found the file type of the card has been changed to RAW, the free space and used space are shown 0 byte. This is only one of the most common symptom of SD card RAW. Now, I will introduce how I fix the SD card RAW problem and restore data there.

Freeware for SD Card RAW Recovery
Since I realized that the SD card shows RAW file system, I haven’t written any data to the card any more. Then, I downloaded a freeware (SD card recovery software) and installed it on my laptop. When I run the software, it recognized all the devices on my laptop including the SD card. Then I selected the proper recovery module and chose the SD card as target drive so that the software can perform a scan for the lost files. After scanning, the software listed all found partitions which include the lost files. By clicking those partitions, I can preview the found files and then recover them. The whole data recovery process only costs me a very short time and the software is very easy to handle.

SD Card RAW & SD Card Not Formatted Error
SD card RAW is only one of SD card errors, which SD card errors also include SD card not formatted error and other errors. Usually, when an SD card has RAW file system, probably you can still open the SD card when connecting it to your computer. However, you may be not able to find anything on the card even if you can access it. On the contrary, if an SD card has not formatted error, you will not be able to access the card since it will ask you to format the card. Meanwhile, the file type of the SD card will also be shown as RAW.

Is There Any Way to Avoid SD Card RAW?
Usually, a new SD card won’t have RAW problem. When an SD card has been used for a long time, SD card can show RAW problem due to various causes. Therefore, in order to avoid SD card RAW problem, you can do following things:
1. Avoid connecting SD card to public computer
Public computer may be infected with virus, if you connect the SD card to a computer which has been attacked by virus, the SD card will also be infected with virus. When the SD card has virus, it may stop properly and shows not formatted error.
2. Remove SD card to PC or other digital devices properly
SD card is easy to be corrupted if you often take it out without turning off the digital devices like digital camera, mobile phone, etc. Besides, if you remove the SD card from your computer when the card is still in use, the SD card can also be prone to be corrupted and shows not formatted error.


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