Tuesday, October 15, 2013

CF Card RAW Recovery: Recover Data from RAW CF Card

A CF card can usually be used to store different kinds of files. If your CF card becomes RAW, all the files inside may be lost. If you cannot find a good method to recover the filesfrom the RAW CF card, you will feel annoyed and upset. When you are unable to open a RAW CF card and access data inside, the files are not erased from the CF card but they are still intact on the CF card. In this article, we will tell you how to restore data from a RAW CF card and fix the CF card RAW problem with easy way.

Recover Data from RAW CF Card
CF card recovery software is able to help you get back inaccessible data from a RAW CF card. CF card recovery software is free of charge and has the most advanced ability to help you restore lost photos, images, audio files, music, movies and other videos and so on from CF card when it is shown as RAW drive. No matter the CF card becomes RAW with what kind of reasons, you can always use CF card recovery software to perform lost data recovery.
CF card recovery software has user-friendly interface, on which you are able to handle the software simply. Besides, CF card recovery software allows you to deep scan on the RAW CF card to search for as more lost data as possible. The data recovered by CF card recovery software will remain its original size and quality, so you don’t need to worry that the software will change its quality.

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
4Card Recovery - recover the most files from card/usb

recover photos video files off memory card, usb flash when raw
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iCare Data Recovery Standard
powerful hard disk rescue utility
How to use:
best disk recovery software for step by step guide.


Stellar Windows Data Recovery
Another chance for you to recover data from raw disk

How to use: Windows data recovery steps.

Repair CF Card RAW Problem
Usually, as long as a CF card can still be recognized on a computer, you have chance to repair the RAW problem by formatting the CF card. You can perform full format on the RAW CF card to fix the card. The reason why I advise you to perform full format but not quick format is that quick format can only mark the bad sectors on the CF card, but it cannot repair the bad sectors. In another word, if the CF card has bad sectors and shows RAW file system, you had better full format the CF card to make it available for storing new data in the future.

Notes on RAW CF Card Recovery
For a RAW CF card recovery, you need to be noticed some important points to protect the important files inside the RAW CF card to be erased due to any reason.
Firstly, formatting will overwrite the CF card. Therefore, you cannot overwrite the CF card or reformat the CF card.
Secondly, do not use CF card recovery software that contains lots of malware or unhealthy information.
Finally, when files are found by using CF card recovery software, you are not allowed to save the recovered files to the original CF card.

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